We Are Team DRD!

DRD is an outgoing, active, energetic group of professionals, team members and volunteers. From all the volunteers to our valued Board of Directors members, each person contributes his and her special talents and experiences to help enrich the lives of District residents. Over the years, our commitment to integrity, teamwork, accessibility and excellence have resulted in numerous awards. We’ve also been honored to work closely with numerous world-class organizations such as the Disney Institute, Ken Blanchard Companies, American Red Cross and First Tee. This is just the beginning of our ongoing commitment to the communities we serve. Every day presents new opportunities for us to deliver fun as well as essential services, and every year brings new and exciting recreational possibilities. Come join in the fun!

Meet Our Staff

Photograph of Kevin Kalman

Kevin Kalman

General Manager
“Like you, we all live, work and raise our families here in the Coachella Valley. So, not only do we help create meaningful programs for residents. We also participate with our families and individually. They call this work. But we make work fun.”

Barb Adair

Photograph of Barb Adair

Assistant General Manager
“Working for Desert Recreation District gives me an opportunity to meet people doing what they enjoy where they live and play, and I feel very fortunate to be a part of this community.  We hope to enhance the lives of our guests through the programs and services we offer to all who want to join us in finding fun and community in the Coachella Valley.”



Staff Directory


Manuel Rios
District Clerk
(760) 347-3484 Ext. 138

Community Services – please see below


Sonya Galvez
Account Manager
(760) 347-3484 Ext. 101

Margo Sanchez
Accountant I
(760) 347-3484 Ext. 103

Jasmine Moreno
Account Technician
(760) 347-3484

Fund Development

Open Position
Fund Development Officer
(760) 347-3484

Golf Center at Palm Desert / First Tee - Coachella Valley

For The Golf Center at Palm Desert, please call (760) 779-1877 or visit

For First Tee – Coachella Valley, please call (760) 779-1877 or visit

Human Resources

Byron Isaac
Human Resources Manager
(760) 347-3484 Ext. 113

Nataniel Rodriguez
Human Resources Analyst
(760) 347-3484 Ext. 108

Becky De Lara
Human Resources Technician
(760) 347-3484

Information Systems

Amir Alameldin
Information Systems Manager
(760) 347-3484

Jonathan Walsh
Information Systems Administrator
(760) 347-3484 Ext. 130

Vicente Limon
Information Systems Technician
(760) 347-3484


Noelle Furon
Marketing Manager
(760) 347-3484 Ext 124

Jon Michals
Media Production Specialist
(760) 347-3484 Ext 127

Lisa Lavery
Graphic Design Technician
(760) 347-3484 Ext 136

Planning & Public Works

Troy Strange
Public Works and Planning Director
(760) 347-3484 Ext. 107

Judith Fonoti
Contract Specialist
(760) 347-3484

Julissa Ibarra
Project Coordinator
(760) 347-3484

Robert Hoppe
Public Works Superintendent
(760) 972-6981

Public Information / Legislative Affairs

Scott Sear
Public Information Officer/Legislative Affairs
(760) 347-3484


Community Services

Bobbi Ukura
Community Services Director
Oversees all of the service areas listed below each Supervisor.
(760) 347-3484


Tatiana Hinkle
Community Services Supervisor
Bermuda Dunes, Indio, Indio Hills, La Quinta, and Thousand Palms Communities; Adaptive Programming, and the District Gymnastics Academy
(760) 564-9921

Maureen Archuleta
Community Services Supervisor
Aquatics and After School Programs, Palm Desert and Portola Community Centers; Rancho Mirage service area
(760) 347-3484 Ext. 132

Karina Rodriguez
Community Services Supervisor
Coachella, Mecca, North Shore, Oasis, and Thermal Communities
(760) 347-3484 Ext. 125


Alexis Galarza
Community Services Coordinator (Mecca/North Shore)
(760) 702-6722

Alicia Longoria
After School Recreation Coordinator 1 - ASES Programs
(760) 347-3484 Ext. 133

Amy Garcia
After School Recreation Coordinator 1 - Traditional After School Programs
(760) 347-3484 Ext. 131

Ana Velasquez
Community Services Coordinator I (Indio Hills/Thousand Palms)
(760) 343-3595

Beatrice Padilla
Community Services Coordinator I (Coachella)

Brenda Nutcher
Community Services Coordinator II (Palm Desert/Rancho Mirage)
(760) 568-9697

Courtney Galvan
Community Services Coordinator II (Indio)
(760) 347-4263

Imelda Gutierrez
Gymnastics Program Specialist
(760) 238-9459

Kendra Smith
Therapeutic Recreation Specialist
(760) 834-9597 

Kyle Pleming
(760) 347-3484 Ext. 137

Madison Garlington
Administrative Technician
(760) 347-3484 Ext. 118

Maura Parkhurst
Community Services Coordinator I (Bermuda Dunes/Indian Wells/La Quinta)
(760) 564-9921

Michael Slater
Community Services Coordinator I (Oasis/Thermal)
(760) 347-3484

Aquatics Coordinator
(760) 285-6500

Outdoor Adventure Specialist
(760) 347-3484